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email: sales@mydistributor.com.au | phone: 07 3012 7977

About Us

Formed in 2000, Celltech Technologies has established itself quickly and aggressively in the mobile phone marketplace and today is a supplier to most of Australia's leading mobile phone stores and other retailers. Achieving strong and overwhelming growth over the past twelve months – in a period of world-wide economic downturn – is a mark of not only a good company, but a great company. Telechoice, Strathfield, RACQ, Fone Zone, Mo's Mobiles, Vodafone and Supercheap Auto are just some of the stores we supply, to name a few.

The company prides itself on delivering quality products and quality service at a competitive price. With on-the-road sales representatives in every major Australian state, as well as warehouse and office support personnel only a phone call away, our clients are treated with the customer service they need and deserve. Most of our major clients are seen fortnightly.

However, we do things a little differently when we see our clients. We are not just order takers, but we are our clients 'business partners'.Whether it be keeping them in the loop of industry news, new phone technology, innovations and products, or finding out more about their individual business, their target market and specific needs, we go a step further than most. It's an unusual approach … but a very successful one because it allows us to understand each individual business better.

We know all businesses are not alike. We aim to help each business to maximise its potential by staying abreast of the industry and being equipped with the right product for the right market. Celltech Technologies is the smart mobile phone accessory partner for Australia. A proven past. And growing. Ready, willing, able, and on the move.

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